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Thanks to the ever-booming digital world, there is scope for many small businesses to have a gripping social media presence. While there are many small businesses out there today that are trying various marketing methods to flourish on social media, very few succeed. David Vatine’s vast knowledge and expertise in the field have made him one of the most sought-after digital marketers in Israel. The 31-year-old ace marketer first began his business career when he was only 13. “My significant spread started at the age of 13. I was a religious kid who grew up in a secular environment, and appearance didn’t help either. I was a chubby, short kid and I was not interested in hobbies like football and basketball that attracted most teens my age. I loved having my alone time in my room with the computer where I read countless free tutorials, watched videos and online courses on programming, design, and marketing. Almost all the materials I came across were messy, difficult to learn and I was looking for how to make it something practical and focused that would be easy to learn. The significant change came after my release from the IDF, where I served in the sting unit, and I chose not to fly for the big trip like the rest of my friends, but to find something that would challenge me”.

David, who is a successful digital marketer today, recently decided to help small businesses in Israel with a rather unique idea. He founded an advertising agency that revolves around targeted marketing according to the method and strategy. “I have the right to manage over 1,000 businesses in the total year – Areas range from beauticians, fitness trainers to large real estate companies. However, not every business has enough money to invest in advertising companies, and my top goal is to help a few more, business owners. This led me to develop a course to study the digital world for every business owner.”

With his achievements and vast knowledge, David aims to change the marketing landscape in Israel. “The idea is to reach more and more business owners and help them get out of the terrible statistics that exist in Israel, where over 90% of small businesses close every year. I am not afraid to declare out loud that I want and will even change the statistics!”

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