All digital marketing agencies need Datorama. Here is why

Datorama Solves for Media Analytics and Client Facing, Automated Reporting

Clients approach media agencies for expertise in media strategy, execution and their ability to produce media analytics and media planning insights. But media agencies are dealing with increased volumes of data produced at a high velocity and day-to-day client demands make it difficult to keep up with ad-hoc requests and increasingly complex recurring reporting requirements.

No media agency is removed from the challenge of automated reporting, including large media holding companies to niche programmatic media buying agencies. Solving the challenge of automated media and performance reporting has hampered the agency growth model for well over a decade. 

There are many media agency reporting solutions that focus on extracting data from walled garden providers like Google or Facebook, but clients require cross-platform reporting and insights to aid their understand planned and delivered media including search, social, programmatic, website, CRM, point-of-sales, connected TV and out of home, to name a few. 

Behind the scenes, media agencies spend an inordinate amount of time wrangling inconsistent data using manual processes, and extracting insights from client data can also be a challenge as it involves multiple stakeholders from the strategists, account leads, brand managers, media planners, and analysts.

Agencies understand that automated reporting is necessary, but clients are unwilling to pay for marketing dashboards, alone. Clients want near to real-time insights, and the media agency’s inability to effectively automate reports means that higher-order analytics becomes a moving target frustrating their clients and limiting thoughtful conversations around media intelligence and audience optimization. 

Reporting Automation is the key to driving media analytics, but it remains elusive for most media agencies large and small. 

Automation in media reporting and analytics is not a luxury anymore but a necessary business component. Because it is no longer only creativity and ad-targeting that drives results, dynamic insights in media analytics are mandated too.

Datorama is a global marketing analytics company providing the world’s first marketing integration engine for agencies. It allows you to replace up to 80% of the manual process of marketing analytics with automation.

Datorama centralizes all marketing data

Datorama organizes your media agency reports

Marketing reporting and analytics are undergoing constant change and client demands will only increase. Take a look at our Datorama solutions or contact us today for no hassle discovery call. 

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