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2021–22 Emoji Shortlist Announced, Includes ‘Melting Face’ & ‘Pregnant Man’ - Corporate B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Agency in Cardiff covering UK

After the most popular emojis were recently revealed and World Emoji Day on July 17 passed, a new announcement has been made: Emoji is already looking towards Version 14. The passage of time is marked by bright new additions to the little pictorials that have become an indispensable part of daily life.

Next in the lineup are drafted to be a melting smiley face, a coral, low battery, a biting lip, beans, and new gender-neutral options for more of the people-based ones. Of course, that’s not all: take a look at the proposed mockups so far.

Image via 2021 Emojipedia

Because the designs here are just samples and guidelines, it’s important to note that these are just one way they might look. Their actual appearance on your phone will depend on vendors like Apple, Android, and Facebook, as it always has.

‘Pregnant Man’ and ‘Pregnant Person’ are joining ‘Pregnant Woman’, a move recognizing that pregnancy is possible for transgender men and non-binary people, not just limited to those who are femme-presenting. This also means that almost all emojis will now have a gender-neutral option. Some exceptions remain, like the salsa dancer, but these are being reviewed.

While ‘Face with Hand Over Mouth’ isn’t new, it’s being redone since it shows up differently on iOS (surprised) than most other platforms (laughing). This does change the tone when used in different scenarios, so it looks like it’ll be getting a fix soon.

These are subject to change and tweaks, since the ultimate approval comes only in September 2021. But you can vote for your favorite in the Most Anticipated Emoji award, just for that extra boost for the final cut.

What's in the latest draft emoji list, and when it is scheduled for approval https://t.co/yemIEzDfKi

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