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By now, we all know how important social media is, and also that social media strategies need to be quick, effective and responsive.

However, content creation and engagement maintenance on social media is time consuming. That’s why you require some tools to be better and quicker at it. Well, modern man, modern solution.

There are a ton of automation tools available online, out of which I am sharing the 11 of the best social media automation tools.

Best Social Media Automation Tools

AgoraPulse is an easy to use management tool for social media that allows the user to drive engagement and build genuine relationships on a platform.

The tool tops the list as it has the most comprehensive features amongst all the social media automation tools present out there.

The tool allows you:

AgoraPulse Pricing

Medium Large X-Large Enterprise
USD 99/month* USD 199/month* USD 299/month* USD 499/month*
10 social profiles 25 social profiles 40 social profiles 60 social profiles
2 users 4 users 8 users 20 users

*when opted for a monthly plan. The annual plan offers a 20% discount.

The company offers a 14 day free trial.

Kicksta is an automation tool specifically developed for Instagram where it allows you to save time by letting you find profiles similar to yours, engage with followers of such profiles and get organic growth by being followed back by these profiles. The company has over 10,200+ agencies and influencers using the tool.

Kicksta Pricing

Standard Plan Premium Plan
Moderate Growth Maximum Growth
10 targets 40 targets
VIP email support, Live chat support, advanced targeting and blacklist

The company offers a 14 day money guarantee, if unsatisfied within two weeks of service, the user can get their money back.

One of the most widely used automation tool, Hootsuite is a social media management tool that has been available as early as 2008 when social media was just beginning to rise.

Hootsuite is filled with all the features social media automation tools can possibly have and supports all the social media platforms available.

You can track performance on all social media platforms at once using the tool and on a real time basis. Features offered by the tool include:

Hootsuite Pricing

The tool is available in three plans:

Professional Team Business
10 social profiles 20 social profiles 35 social profiles
1 user 3 users 5 users
₹ 1260 per month* ₹ 7540 per month* ₹ 45000 per month*

*per month on an annual plan. Prices in INR. Check here in your local currency.

Hootsuite offers a 30 day free trial for each plan listed above. There is also a free plan to start with.

Buffer is a SaaS application, available for both mobile and web, which is used for managing social media accounts offering features like scheduling posts and reach analysis.

Buffer has a wide variety of clients including big names like Shopify, Huckberry, Spotify etc. The company has been in the business for 10+ years, has over 75000+ customers, 100k+ monthly blog readers and 1.2 million+ social media followers.

Buffer offers you different plans for publishing content or analyzing the reach of the content depending on your need.

The tool is well known for its detailed analytics which makes it an ideal tool for users who want to understand the success and reach of their current social media strategy and the effect of these changes on their reach.

Buffer Pricing

Buffer pricing starts at $12 per month and ranges up to $85 a month, if billed annually.

As suggested by the name, the CoSchedule tool helps you to schedule your posts across different social media platforms with ease.

This makes it easier for you to manage multiple accounts in one place. The tool allows you to schedule as many as 60 posts in advance using its interface.

The tool works as a very effective social media calendar and can also help you analyze content which has received high engagements and good results in the past.

Not only does the tool offer you general services like scheduling and analyzing, you can also use the tool to manage your customer support very easily.

CoSchedule Pricing

The pricing for the tool has 3 options:

Blog Calendar Marketing Calendar Marketing Suite
$24 per month* $49 per month* Depending on needs
Real time blog & social calendar Real time marketing calendar Manage marketing requests
Automate social schedule Full social media management Automate team workflows
Bulk schedule posts and integrate with WordPress Custom views of calendar and easy rescheduling Sort calendar by team, store assets and files and track team progress.
All the features of Blog calendar All the features of blog calendar + marketing calendar.

*When opted for a monthly plan, the annual plan offers a 20% discount.

The company offers a 14 day free trial.

Initially started as just a management tool for Instagram and Twitter, the tool received a major update in 2018 and has come out as the most advanced automation tool in 2020.

The tool offers features across four categories: content, publishing, analytics and mentions.

The tool allows you management and analytics of three social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Features offered by the tool include:

The feature hashtag analysis differentiates this tool from most others. With the hashtag analysis feature, you can count posts using the hashtag and analyze their overall impression and learn about active users and influencers, which will allow you to come up with engaging content. The feature provides real time updates and lets you react instantly.

Buzzsumo is amongst the best tools available which help you discover trending topics and posts related to the niche of your blog. The tool helps you in searching for viral content and the analytics of the content.

Mention is a social media automation tool which allows you to be incredibly fast and always present yourself with your social media pages.

Whenever someone mentions your brand name, or posts on selected keywords, the dashboard lets you know instantly which allows you to be better at brand monitoring and competitor analysis.

Features of the tool include:

Sprout Social

Trusted by over 20,000+ organizations of all sizes, SproutSocial helps you automate content posting, customer support, audience engagement and more.

The tool lets you work on 5 different platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. The tool has an inbuilt analytics feature which allows you to understand the overall reach of your content.

Previously known as Read It Later, this tool has basics which are very similar to the basics of Pinterest. Pocket is freely available as an app, a Google Chrome extension, a Firefox add-on – which lets you save content from anywhere on the internet.

Just like you can pin photos on Pinterest, with Pocket you can save content. Used by millions across the globe, the tool has already saved over 2 billion posts so far.

The tool also has an iOS and Android application and is integrated with over 1500+ platforms including Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard and more.

While available for free, the tool also has a chargeable premium service which helps you get rid of ads and apart from just saving content, it also allows you to space as a permanent library of everything you’ve saved, suggested tags, full-text search, unlimited highlights and premium fonts.

The above mentioned social media automation tools have been designed with the aim of not only reducing your social media efforts, but also making them more effective with proper monitoring, reporting and analysis.

Irrespective of the scale of your business, these tools can be of great help in increasing your reach via social media and making the best of it. Remember, most of these companies offer a 14-30 day free trial and have extensive information on their sites.

Perform a thorough research yourself as well, understand the features well, but before that understand the need of your business and then select the tool which you want to use for improving your Social Media efforts.

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